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She stood with her back to the table, arms resting on the edge of the countertop, laughing fervently at his joke. A light robe encircled a slender body, but bare his hips. He came close to her, hugged her, poked at her curly head, smacked the crown of her head, wanted to touch her cheek with her lips, but she stopped laughing and dodged:

Do not! Do not! - He measured, no matter how hearing her words.

Sliding his lips over his temple, he nevertheless left a light kiss on her cheek, near her ear, and approached her neck.

Stop doing that! - She said louder and tried to move away from the table, but she did not succeed. He looked into her eyes, which made her cringe even a little.

I love you! he whispered. - I love you! - these words poured warmth on her, her sudden numbness passed and she tried to answer:

Well, you know ... I can never you .... - He did not let her finish, covering her lips with the tips of his fingers.

Do not say anything. I know.

What could she do if she could not answer this man with what he expected from her ... But he grabbed her under the armpits and put her on the table.

You're out of your mind. - the woman laughed and tried to get off the table, but he restrained her. The chest felt his palms. She wanted to push him away, but he tried to kiss her. Dodging, she felt the touch of his lips with her neck, then her cheek, temple. His hands slipped over her chest and trembling and indignation slipped through her body.

Stop doing that! Nobody needs this! - the woman pushed the man, but could not tear herself away from herself. And he, not paying attention to her words, kissed her cheeks, eyes, lips, neck ... - Stop it! She shouted.

The female body threw into cold, hot, and at some instant she lost control of what was happening. Waking up, she saw an open robe and him kissing a dimple between her breasts. She struggled to push him away, but then her nipples were wrapped in a light touch of his lips. For a long time not experienced sensations spread over her body ...

“Why? .... Don't ...” she gasped, barely audible, but the man continued to kiss and caress his beloved woman. She closed her eyes, she was a little ashamed, but she no longer wanted to think about it. His hot palms seemed to cover her whole body and never let go. His lips fell down over his stomach, felt a light silk fabric, slipped to the side. Light gentle kisses touched the inside of the hips. A small tremor swept through her body. Without ceasing to caress, he spread her legs with barely noticeable movements. She could not, and already did not want to resist - the body became cottony and not obedient. His lips darted from the lower abdomen, from hip to hip, and suddenly stopped in the middle. The woman did not have time to realize anything, as he pushed aside a ribbon of panties and froze in an intimate kiss ... Her body was covered by a wave of bliss, an escaping groan on her exhale was barely audible, her body contracted like a string. And he caught all her movements and repeated affection.


They froze in their arms. As soon as the waves of bliss began to subside, the woman snapped a bathrobe and smiled with burning eyes.

Well, you give ... Great! she gasped. I was never as good as with you ... - he did not let her finish, touching her breasts with her lips, continuing to give her tenderness, slowly letting her body cool.


She got up and sitting on the edge of the table watched him, looking at her, smiling, tightening his belt trousers. His face was happy, but for some reason he could not look into her eyes. And she did not regret what had happened. “Let him deserve it. I would go crazy if I fell in love so much and knew that they would never love me. And he was well done ... He stayed for so many years! But just today I broke - I could not stand it. thought the woman. “How would I tell him ...” and decided not to say anything. ”

“Give it.” She asked, pointing with her hand to the panties lying on the floor next to his jacket. He picked them up, went up to her, hugged her and pressed her to him.

Having stood like this for a minute, the man let go of his beloved woman, put on his jacket and went out into the hallway. She hurried after him, but he already put on his coat and stood at the door.

-- Do not say anything! - he beat her. -- I understand! Forgive me! - He went up to her, hugged her for the last time, buried himself in her curls and kissed the top of her head. -- Goodbye! Be happy! - And with these words he closed the door behind him.

He went out into the street at a nearby kiosk, bought a pack of cigarettes and lit a cigarette. He inhaled a cough, wrinkled, threw away a cigarette with a pack and went to the car. He understood that he would never return here again.

And somewhere on the upper floors of the house, by the window, a woman stood, watching him and a tear rolled down her cheek.

Nikolai Snigirev

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Esta es una traducción automática.
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